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Different Types Of Edmonton Home Buyers, Which One Are You?

 Homes For Sale Edmonton

Out of our own curiosity, we’d like to explore and discuss today the different types of Edmonton home buyers.

Check out which one fits your personality.

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Homes For Sale Edmonton

THE EXCELLENT ONE. Let’s start off the discussion with this perfect specimen. We couldn’t think of a catchier name so “The Excellent One” should do the trick. This type of buyer is at the top of the list simply because all Edmonton real estate agents would like to work with someone like him or her.

This type has everything prepared, from the specific house he/she wants to the details of the financing.

FALSE HOPE. This is someone who has high hopes of owning a home that he/she can’t afford. There’s no problem with having a goal of owning a really decent home-in fact we’ll encourage it! But this type of buyer passionately inquires about a list of Edmonton homes that he/she doesn’t have the capacity to purchase and asks for the agents to show him/her the property-and when asked about when he/she would purchase a home, this type of buyer would be very indecisive.

THE SKEPTIC. True to every sense of the word. This type of buyer would machine gun his or her way asking about the finest of details and will probe the darkest of corners. But unlike FALSE HOPE, once this buyer gets satisfied with the answer, he/she will be a closed deal.

THE SIMPLE ONE. Simplicity is beauty. This type of buyer doesn’t mind if something needs to be fixed as long as it’s not going to be pricey. He/she doesn’t need fancy upgrades or expensive furniture. As long as appliances are functional and is at the right place, this type of buyer will sign on the dotted line.

THE POSITIVE THINKER. Typically, first-time Edmonton home buyers fit this type. They come in, check out the home and doesn’t mind if things have to be fixed or renovated. This type of buyer would even go as far as renovating the whole house if he/she would like to, just to satisfy his/her goal of putting personal touch into the place.

THE FINICKY ONE. Yes, this type of buyer has the money and has the time to be picky. Tough to work with but will be rewarding once he/she closes the deal. Mostly, buyers of this type are on the high-end part of the market.

Since this type of buyer has a generous amount of cash to spend, he/she would pick and choose the home that would satisfy his/her expensive taste. At times, the main motivational factor is to have the ability to show-off to his/her friends his/her opulent lifestyle.

Buying an Edmonton home can be quite tricky and from a real estate agent’s perspective, these types of home buyers is what makes the business fun and exciting.

I don’t think we covered all the types. It would be great if you could add something on the list. Feel free to use our comment section to let us know what we missed. 


To sum it all up, no buyer resembles another one, consequently the list of types of home buyers continues to expand every day! Speaking of needs, they also change so depending on the priorities for the moment, the types can vary too! So, which of these types of home buyers sound familiar to you?


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