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Edmonton Homes For Sale

Edmonton real estate listings are written for the purpose of selling Edmonton houses-fast. If you look carefully at many listings, it’s filled with highlights. Most agents write listings using the honesty-is-best policy method while other listings are filled with white lies, which in turn waste your time when you view the Edmonton property. If you arm yourself with knowledge about the most common and sneaky descriptions that is used by agents then you’ll know which Edmonton property is worth a visit.

So here are some descriptions to lookout for in real estate listing.

Vintage Approach

When they say “vintage” you may think back to the nostalgic 50’s 60’s 70’s. When a bathroom or a kitchen is described as “vintage”, that means they’re grandma-old. If that’s your style then good news for you, but if not, renovating that “vintage” room will cause you big bucks.


When an Edmonton home listing describes its “custom” features, be careful. What sounds extraordinary on paper may actually be less appealing in person.

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Crazy Cozy

When the buzzword “cozy” is used in a real estate listing, it’s not portraying the ambiance of the space as much as the size. “Cozy” means small. Tiny Edmonton houses are a trend. But if it’s not what you’re looking for then move on.


If you want a secluded area then a “quite” location for an Edmonton house listing is for you. But if not, always check the map to determine the listing’s proximity to civilization.

Back To The Market

There’s a reason why it’s “back on the market”. If the original sale fell then the reason could lie with the previous buyer, better do your homework. Be vigilant for serious maintenance issues that may be disguised by quick surface repairs or better yet, hire a professional home inspector to find any hidden problems. Our friend David Watson might help you on this.

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Character Study

Sounds great, but in person an Edmonton house that is describe as having “lots of character” is weird. Be prepared for any oddities you may encounter when viewing the Edmonton house.

All You Need Is Love

If you’re on a strict budget and suddenly find a place that is advertised as needing TLC then it is likely a fixer-upper, which is good news. If you are open in purchasing a time-intensive starter house then this is the Edmonton house for you. But before you make an offer, it’s always better to find the pain points of the Edmonton house. After all, you don’t want to get stuck with a burden.

So the next time you read a real estate listing, it’s better to research and gain insight about any flowery description, which the propose of those words, is to distract you. Learn to read between the lines.

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