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The character, allure, and inimitable personality of an older Edmonton home is undeniable that’s why it attracts a number of people.

Older Edmonton homes are often built in key locations with lower price range than modern infrastructures.

Purchasing an older Edmonton home can be a great investment but before you sign on the dotted line here are some potential problems to watch out for during the buying process.

Old Electrical and Plumbing

When looking at an older Edmonton home evaluate the age of the wiring and pipes and ask when they were last updated because chances are they still have their classic knob-and-tube wiring and cast-iron pipes. This could pose as safety risks as old and worn-out electrical system can cause a fire while corroded pipes can result in water problems inside the Edmonton house.

Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials are more likely to be present inside an older Edmonton house this includes asbestos and lead. Asbestos was used in insulation, roofing and gas fireplaces up until the 1970s while lead was a common mixture of interior and exterior paint before 1978.

Know the year when the Edmonton house was build and hire a professional for removing these hazardous materials.

Foundation Concerns

Even the sturdiest built Edmonton house can’t run away from father time. Eventually, cracks and unevenness will be visibly seen at foundation slab. This can cause quite a problem for the Edmonton house. Depending on the structural issues repair could cost thousands.

When inspecting an older Edmonton home, check for crooked doors, uneven floors, crack tiles and walls as these are common marks of foundation problems.

Safety Top Priority

Safety is one the best selling point of an Edmonton home. Make sure when looking at an older Edmonton house that smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are installed, updated and working properly.

In the excitement of Edmonton house searching, we sometimes take less priority of the safety tools inside the Edmonton home.

When buying an Edmonton home especially an older one, complete all the necessary inspections until you are comfortable with the result. Try hiring a professional inspector for other specialized inspections, such pest inspector and foundation evaluation.

Bear in mind that an Edmonton home inspection is designed to protect you and ensure you understand any potential safety risks before you buy.

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