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Buying an Edmonton house is a life changing experience for the first-time Edmonton home buyers, while it's just business as usual for the veterans who have already purchased a few properties. May it be buying your Edmonton dream home or for just a temporary living space, it is better to know the tell-tale signs if the house you're going to purchase has a few troubling secrets. (Boo!)

So here are some of the things to lookout for when buying a home.

1. Foundation or Structural Problems.

Hard to close doors, misshapen door frames and cracks in the foundation are just some of the signs that there is something wrong. The best way to determined whether there is damage is to hire an expert to conduct a thoroughly analysis to see the structural integrity of the house.

2. Insect and/or pest problem.

Termites and carpenter ants are some of the common pest to look out for. Since pest problem can cost a significant amount of money to correct, hiring a pest inspector is reasonably inexpensive. (Phew!)

3. Random Fresh Paint

It is possible that the seller is trying to cover something up so be keen for new painted walls.

4. Odors: Both Good & Bad

Both good and bad odors can be bad news. (Eew!) If an Edmonton home has a plug-in air freshener in every room, there is a possibility that the home owner is attempting to cover up a foul odor.

5. Electrical System Issues.

Not all Edmonton home buyers are professional electricians, but there are some things that can be done by the normal buyer. Simply by checking outlets, turning on the light switches and checking for flickering lights are the few simply ways to check if the electrical system is working properly.

6. Poor drainage.

Clogged gutters are a sign of problems to come. Puddles, Yard Erosion and Water Infiltration are just some of the clear signs which could lead to water problems inside the house.

7. Mold.

Anyone knows what molds are. It's everywhere. In foods, clothes, cars, anywhere you can think of. Houses are no exception. 

It is critical whether you are a first-time or experienced Edmonton home buyer that you are always on the lookout for these signs. There is a difference between a home viewing and home inspection. Before you purchase that house, always remember that not everything in view is what it seems.

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