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7 Fun Facts about Real Estate

7 Fun Real Estate Facts


From Ghosts to Red Doors to Burger Flipping - the world of Real Estate is always entertaining.


#1 – In Scotland, many homeowners paint their front door red when they pay off their mortgage


#2 – McDonald’s doesn’t just burger flip. It is one of the world’s best real estate portfolios. Franchisees do the burger flipping and McDonald’s gets paid handsomely for owning the best commercial real estate all over the world.


#3 – Warren Buffet is said to be worth over $72 Billion Dollars (USD) and still lives in the same house he bought in 1958. He reportedly paid $31,500.00 for it.


#4 – Charles “Pretty Boy” Floyd was a gangster of the Great Depression Era. He was a people’s favorite though, viewed like a Robin Hood. When he robbed banks, he would destroy mortgage documents. Freeing many citizens of their debts.


#5 – Monopoly was originally designed to teach players about the broken nature of Capitalism.


#6 – Mukesh Ambani, said to be the richest man in India, built the worlds most expensive home. The home, called Antilia, cost an estimated $1 Billion Dollars. There is a staff of 600 people to maintain the residence and as of November, 2014 was declared the second most expensive private residence in the world. The first being Buckingham Palace. The Antilia is 400,000 Square feet and has 27 stories, but since some ceilings are double-height, it's closer to the size of a 40-story building. Antilia contains a multi-story garage with space for 168 cars. However, if you prefer to arrive by air, there are three helipads on the roof.



#7 – Haunted Houses. Everybody knows a seller is required to disclose the physical problems with a property, but in some States and here at home in Canada, you need to reveal "emotional defects " ahead of time.

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