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Buying an Edmonton house requires comprehensive research and intensive preparation for the process to become successful. However, there are factors which can affect the process, in turn, will result in failure.

Here are 6 factors why you are not ready to buy an Edmonton house.

Low Credit Score

Before leaping into buying an Edmonton house, you better check your credit score. If you have made big purchases previously then there will be a high chance for your mortgage application to get disapproved.

Also, a good credit score will give a lower monthly cost which will help you secure your Edmonton home.

Can’t Save

Having an Edmonton property is more than just paying your monthly mortgage. There are other expenses to think about. If you can’t save every month while paying your financial obligations consider holding off your Edmonton house hunt.

Moving Job

Know that your Edmonton dream house can wait. If your job requires you to move every year then it’s better for you to rent until your job gives you the signal to settle down to a location permanently.


It will be very hard for you to get comfortable with your Edmonton house if you are carrying a heavy amount of debts. Take your time in paying your debts and then it will be very easy for you to concentrate on your mortgage payments.


You will be the one responsible for your Edmonton house and nobody else. If you have a carefree attitude towards ownership then your Edmonton house will crumble because of half-hearted repair attempts.

Pressure from Others

As you grow older expectations from your family and friends gets higher for you to buy an Edmonton house. Don’t make the purchase just because of pressure from others unless you want a bitter ending for you Edmonton home adventure.

Stability and readiness are what you need and not awful pressure.

It’s important to understand all the factors that hinder you to buy an Edmonton house. Get rid of all the factors and what’s left for you to do is to buy that Edmonton home that you always wanted.

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