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Moving-in is one of the finishing steps when you have bought an Edmonton house. While you’re almost at the ending act of the Edmonton buying process this step is still stressful, draining and downright expensive.

To help you here are 6 actions to make to save money when moving to a new Edmonton house.

Off-peak Days

When deciding a date to move into your new Edmonton home try moving on off-peak days. In this time of the year, moving companies are much more relax and there rates are lower. Also when you move in winter the prices are lower because it’s the so called ‘slow season’.

Make Sure of the Price

Make sure you know how much you are paying when moving-in because having the wrong estimate on the price could get your budget in trouble. To be sure, ask the company beforehand about its policy from tipping (which isn't mandatory) to hourly rates.

Light Load

The fewer items you move the more money you’ll save. Get rid of unnecessary knick-knacks by having a yard sale which can increase your move-in budget. You can also donate things which will help other people by doing so you’ll get good karma while saving more money, a win-win situation.

Break Accordingly

If you have furniture that could be taken apart then it’s better to do so when moving into a new Edmonton house. Reassemble them yourself after the move will save you valuable resources.

Importance of Receipts

You are eligible to claim for moving expenses on your tax return within one year if you moved to a new Edmonton home to start a new job or run your own business. Expenses will include moving and storage costs as well as insuring your personal items.

Asking For Help

This is the most simple and straightforward method which can save you money. By asking your close friends and family to help you move to your new Edmonton house, you don’t have to spend precious cash to hire movers. You can use the money for other expenses which you will definitely need after you have moved to your new Edmonton home.

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