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If you have decided to sell your Edmonton house, then 2018 is the right year for you!!  Selling your home is a completely different process from the experience you had as a first-time Edmonton home buyer. In this environment, you are in control of the selling process - as long as you have some idea of what you are doing.

You might have the confidence to sell but don’t make any sudden rash decisions without first looking at these tips to assist you with your Edmonton property.

Look for an Edmonton Real Estate Agent

On the seller’s side of the transaction, there is a lot of prep and paperwork to be done. While a first-time Edmonton home seller may be overwhelmed by the market, for an Edmonton real estate agent this is just business as usual.  An Edmonton real estate agent is a skilled veteran who has been tested time and time again by the market. They can help you maneuver through the selling process and can answer questions which will ease your doubts.

Be Careful with the Price

Pricing an Edmonton house appropriately can give you a competitive edge when you enter the market. Do a Market Evaluation with your agent when pricing your Edmonton property.  Pricing too low is never a good business decision and leaves money on the table.  But overpricing can lead your potential buyers to look elsewhere resulting in it sitting too long on the market.  It then becomes a stale listing.  With the right price, an Edmonton home can get multiple offers which can make the selling process faster and more financially lucrative!


Saying goodbye to your Edmonton house can be very difficult.  You may have grown very attached to it. But when the time comes for you to sell, you must detach your emotions from the property to ensure that you are making the best decisions throughout the selling process.

Repairs and Upgrades

Expect that once you have a potential Edmonton home buyer, they will request an inspection of the whole property. To avoid potential problems, you might want to check for any repairs and maintenance that are needed to be done, prior to listing it.  If finances permit, any improvements you can make will surely showcase the full potential of your Edmonton home.

You are in control of the Negotiations

Evaluate all offers that you have received with the help of your Edmonton real estate agent.  Know that you are in control of the process. You can reject any inferior offers and you can counter any potential offers to sell your Edmonton house as soon as possible at the very best price. Respond properly to each and every offer you receive.

It may be intimidating at first but as you move through the process, the more satisfaction you will feel once your Edmonton house has been sold!!

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