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Staging has been an essential part of the Edmonton selling process for some time now. An Edmonton house can be sold more swiftly and potentially for higher dollar with the helping of staging. May it be your first time or you’ll hire a professional stager, knowing more information about staging your Edmonton property can help you survived in this competitive market. The one misconception that I want to bring up at this time is that there is a difference between an interior decorator and a home stager. Some are qualified to do both but they are not the same. An interior decorator are trained to make your home to your taste and for you to live in. A home stager “stages” the home to showcase the home to sell, two totally different processes.

Season Staging

Your staging must depend on what present season it is to let potential Edmonton home buyers portray themselves moving into your home. If there are a lot of snow boots, winter coats in your home lying around, and the present season is spring then these things are just unsettling.

Personal Photos

Personal photos are good and all but when it’s time to sell your Edmonton property it is better to get put them away while marketing your home. It’s hard for potential Edmonton home buyers to see themselves living in the home while there are photos of people they don’t know. Without those pictures it easier for them to start envisioning themselves in the home.

Small photographs like on side tables are tolerable but large photos should be removed.

Spaces (decluttering) 

Space sells, especially with homes here Edmonton. That’s why highlighting it should be one of your top priority when staging. Getting rid some of the furniture is one way of presenting the potential space of your Edmonton home. If you can’t relieve your furniture immediately then with the right arrangement you can maximize the space of your home showcasing the space the best way possible. Professional home stagers are utilizing your space to showcase the home.

Little Updates

It doesn’t matter how many years you have lived in your Edmonton home, updating the small things in your home is crucial so that by the time that you have thought of moving then there won’t be any major updates to be done.

From wallpapers to repainting, backyard trimming and even clearing dated furniture for new ones. The little things matter.


If your Edmonton property has wooden floors then don’t waste the opportunity to highlight them when staging. Carpets and too much furniture might cover most of your wooden floor so better yet rearrange your furniture to show off your nice floors and at the same time utilizing the space. Also, you can use smaller carpets for your wooden floors.

Sell for Upto 10% higher…
With the guidance of a qualified home stager an investment of between 1 - 3 % of the selling price in small improvements and staging can potentially increase the selling price of your home as much as 10%, so statistics tell us.

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