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5 Simple Ways To Make Your Edmonton Home Holiday-Ready

Edmonton Holiday Home

Yes, we’re just as excited as you are for the holidays! Who wouldn’t be? Delicious food with friends and family-at home, plus beer, wine and some good holiday music.

With that in mind, we know prepping the home for the coming holidays is easier said than done, especially in Edmonton, so we made this list to remind you of the simple ways to make sure your home is holiday-ready. Yay!

Edmonton Carpet Holiday Home

  1. NEW FLOORING: Thinking of upgrading the flooring before Thanksgiving? Don’t do it a week before the actual celebration. Carpe Diem! Better act now since the holiday seasons bring strong demand for such activities-that means more people competing to get the job done which might put you at the bottom of the waiting list.

    Edmonton Furniture
  2. FURNITURE: Want to add new furniture to show off to your guests? Like our first advice, it would be best to do it ahead of time. The holidays provide a rush of new upholstery and other furniture so walking in to your favorite furniture shop in the next couple of days would be an excellent idea-Edmonton Mall anyone?

    Edmonton delayed home deliveries

    Of course if you’re thinking of doing online shopping, then you need to have it done sooner than later since there’s high probability that the store won’t have available stock. That would be synonymous to at least a 10-week wait for your item of choice to be delivered! Delays in shipping is a fact.

    edmonton home clutter
  3. LIVING ROOM: Now for the fun part, time to de-clutter! Hosting the holiday would take place 90% of the time at the living room so make sure everything unnecessary such as your fitness gadgets and the kids’ toys should be stored away. Yes! Make those cabinets of yours work to its fullest potential. 

    Edmonton fall decor

  4. DECORS: The kids would love this one. Decorations need not to be expensive, have the kids bring in ribbons of birch bark and bowls of pine cones. For a perfect centerpiece, put sparkly ornaments and leaves on a cake stand and to top the festive ambiance, install twinkle lights along the banister.

    Edmonton Home floor lamp
  5. FOR THE STAY IN GUESTS: Lastly, double check the guest rooms if it has ample lighting and storage space. You wouldn’t want your guests to have depressing overhead lighting, right? If possible, provide floor lamps. For storage, please make sure the drawers are empty so your guests may have a place to put their undies and other stuff comfortably-you’ve experienced the hassle of living out of suitcase on the floor.

    Edmonton home drawer

Follow these and you’re all set to host one of the best holidays ever! Simple, easy and cost-effective, that’s the way of making a holiday-ready home!


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