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5 Simple Tips To Secure Your Edmonton Home

edmonton home security

Keeping your Edmonton home secure is no easy task, but it is worth doing. Here at Team Leading Edge, not only do we want to help you have a beautiful home,  we also would like to assist you secure it, for you to have peace of mind.

Here are 5 simple tips to help keep your family and valuables safe and sound.

  1. MAKE ALARM SYSTEM OBVIOUS: Alarms provide more security when it is made obvious. Having your alarm system displayed prominently outside your home would help discourage criminals from targeting it. It makes your home less desirable for burglary and other acts of crime.
  2. PERIMETER OF THE LOCK: Although locks are originally the number one security feature of the home, having it is not enough. Most people overlook the relevancy of the area around the lock itself.

    The perimeter around the lock should also be taken into high consideration when thoroughly securing the home. Think of it this way, your locks can’t do anything if a criminal kicks and breaks the door frame or the window. If somebody is 100% motivated to break into your home, he’ll do anything and everything to get into it. Providing add-on securities around the lock can mean the difference between being burglarize and being secure. A few simple add-ons like a motion sensor lights and CCTV can scare off criminals with half a brain.
  3. LET THERE BE LIGHT! And there should be light! As mentioned in the aforementioned tip, motion sensor lights is a very simple add-on, and it’s fairly cheap too, with some hardware stores selling it for $20 off the bat! Adequate lighting is a key ingredient in securing your family members from being robbed or rapped, so don’t let this pass.
  4. CCTV: Be the big brother of your own home. Install home cameras to monitor it 24/7.
  5. INFORM THE FAMILY: Last but not least, information dissemination would be the icing on the home security cake. Having all the family members know and do the security protocol like double checking if the doors and windows are locked will help solidify home security. Let the kids know that if they don’t lock the doors and windows well, their X-box might be the first to be stolen, that will surely get their attention.

Edmonton is host to a number of security companies so it would not be hard for you to get your hands on those home security gadgets. Keep it cool and play it safe with these 5 simple tips.


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