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1. REMOVE UNNECESSARY FURNITURE. Now that you’re going to sell your Edmonton home, you better get rid of all furniture that does not serve any real purpose. Sell it, give it away or store it in your next property.

The goal here is to make the home look spacious and clean. This will help sell the property fast!

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2. LIGHTING EFFECTS. Before you list your property on the Edmonton MLS, its mandatory to have beautiful photos taken of the whole property, all for the world to see.

When taking photos of your property make sure to open doors, windows and turn on the lights. All these help make the rooms naturally bright and spacious (without the aid of Adobe Photoshop). A warm and cozy interior attracts more potential buyers!

3. PLEASANT AROMA. Edmonton Open Houses are one of the best things you have to look forward to when your property is already listed in the Edmonton MLS. It’s a pretty exciting activity but before you open up your home to potential buyers, a must-do is to make it smell pleasantly, like in a hotel or spa.

A sweet, refreshing or cool aroma will register in the minds of potential buyers. It will make them feel at home (which should be your top objective). Out of the hundreds or thousands of properties that they have and will view in Edmonton, your home will stand out! Come decision time, the chances of them picking your property over the others will be high. 

4. DON’T FORGET THE CURB APPEAL. Sometimes, Edmonton home sellers focus too much on fixing the interior that they forget the exterior. Don’t make the same mistake. Fix up your curb appeal by making the front yard look nice and clean. 

No need for over-the-top décor, just making neat and organize will suffice. It’s the first thing potential homebuyers see when they drive up to your home, so do your best to make it beautiful.

5. CLEAN COUNTER TOPS. Some consider this a minor thing; we at Team Leading Edge consider it a big deal. Potential homebuyers take mental notes of the properties they view, if you have a messy countertop, this small thing might be the cause for potential homebuyers to be turned off and forgo making an offer to your property.  C’mon, it’s not that difficult to remove trash at the counter tops.

Do these simple things and we guarantee that the moment you list your property, you will tremendously increase the chances of your Edmonton home being sold fast!

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Note: Remember, you can access all our available Homes For Sale in Edmonton through our Edmonton MLS Listings page.

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