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5 Ways To Minimize Home Energy Consumption. You'll be surprised with No.5!

Toronto cold wave
Ecofriendly or “green homes” as they call it is the way to the future. Our generation is feeling the brunt of global warming. Just recently, North America and Canada encountered the cold wave, with Toronto experiencing the second coldest winter in 25 years. I don’t know where you were at that time but I would assume it was hell for most of the people in Canada. It’s time for us to do our own little share in solving global warming.

Leonardo DiCarpio UN Climate change talk

Leonardo DiCaprio took a swipe at global warming in his 23 September speech at the UN. In some ways, it was a good move to put this climate crisis in the minds and hearts of the people.

We at Team Leading Edge have always been pro-clean energy. As real estate professionals, we try to do our best to educate and spread the word to our clients on how ecofriendly designs and features create more value to a home.

Today, we again would like to share our love for home energy efficiency. Below is a list of great ways to minimize home energy consumption, especially now that we’re already entering October, it’ll be a great way to experiment and see for yourself if it works or not.

unpluf edmonton homes condos

1. SHUTDOWN LAPTOPS/COMPUTERS: Ah, yes, I put this up here since its the closest to my heart. My computer is synonymous to my work life, this may not really apply to Serge since he haven’t turned off his Macbook for at least 4 years now, but for the rest of us with average working computers, do take note.

When you’re not using the computer, turn it completely off-simply unplug. This might be a very menial task, but it is the one that seems to be always ignored and forgotten.

When I was managing a real estate firm a few months back, I made specifically sure that the last staff to leave the office unplugged everything. Well, 60% of the time I was the last one to leave, but you get my point, right?

edmonton real estate office computer

In the US, they have something called “the phantom load”. Sounds funky. This points out to the energy consumption of appliances that is not being used. It’s waste energy to the highest degree. Those TV sets, X-box consoles and washing machines that are plugged all the time even when not being used consumes power and burns dollars off your pocket! Again, simply unplug.

edmonton energy efficient homes condos

2. CHOOSE GREEN TECH: When you go shopping for new home appliances this weekend or if you’re prepping for the upcoming Black Friday sale, it’s best to put top priority on energy efficient appliances and devices. There are light bulbs out in the market that consume 50% less energy than older models, this in turn will provide you with 50% more savings!

edmonton energy efficient homes condos

3. WATER SYSTEMS: Considered as one of the top energy consumer inside the house, hot water systems are responsible for a big chunk of the energy expense. With the right combination of energy efficient water heaters like solar powered heaters and proven economical water heating methods, spending big amounts money on water and electric bills can be curbed.

programmable thermostat edmonton homes

4. PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTAT: Technology plays a big part in minimizing energy consumption. Installing a programmable thermostat can ensure to help you achieve optimum energy efficiency.

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5. OPTIMIZE NATURAL LIGHTING: Yes! it's that easy! like most of the houses that Team Leading Edge have sold, optimizing the home design to accommodate more natural light can have great advantages; reduced electric consumption, less climate impact and more cozy interior. It also increases the home’s value once you’re ready to sell.

invest energy efficient home

Treat it with a business sense of mind. You have to invest and spend money in order to save it. The impact of climate change can still be reduced, it would just take people like you and me to do our part. Follow these simple ways, try it for yourself and see how these can help you make big savings. You're welcome.

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