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#bendgate: 5 Facts You Can’t Bend About Your RE/MAX Elite Realtor

Almost everybody is taking shots at the recent iPhone flop. The most ingeniously hilarious one I saw was that of Kit Kat.

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Okay, so what has this got to do with your RE/MAX Elite Realtor? Good question. While I was enjoying browsing through the news, Serge, as usual sent me great materials that got me thinking about the importance of a brand, in this case the RE/MAX Elite Realtor brand, and the service and promise behind that brand that makes it indispensable.

You see, the #bendgate issue isn’t just about aesthetics and poor phone material, it goes deeper than that. It is the epitome of failure and disregard to uphold public trust.

I’d like to make this piece a refresher to those people who already worked with RE/MAX Elite Realtors and an important introduction to those who are on their way to work with them. Below are a splendid snippets of the video highlighting the key facts why your RE/MAX Elite Realtor, present and future, is vital to your real estate needs. Unlike your iPhone, there is no better alternative than this.

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1. PROPER REPRESENTATION: A RE/MAX Elite Realtor will provide you with insight and value through every step of the transaction. They will strictly work on your behalf to screen prospects, make appointments and organize showings.

Edmonton market experience

2. MARKET EXPERIENCE: Current and historical market experience, in depth knowledge of local demand and comparable properties for sale.  These are within the fundamental background of a RE/MAX Elite agent and all of which will help you establish a pricing strategy that will optimize the sale of your home.

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3. IMPROVE SALABILITY: Your agent will suggest simple ways on how to maximize the condition of your home. As a matter of fact, RE/MAX Elite Team Leading Edge moves above and beyond to provide its clients with the most efficient and effective way to boost the value of your home.

Just yesterday, we published 5 simple ways to know your home’s value. It is simply part of our business to educate and inform all those who are willing to learn.

edmonton real estate team leading edge

Our two captains of the ship, Serge and JP, lead the way in providing the finest real estate customer service in this part of Canada. Under their management, Team Leading Edge was recently recognized as one of the Top 30 RE/MAX Real Estate Teams in Western Canada. Undeniably a fact nobody can bend.

Marketing real estate mls edmonton
4. MARKETING: Marketing properties to the right buyer is the main reason why RE/MAX is number one all over the world, from North America and Europe to South East Asia. Reaching and attracting the right buyer is the role of your RE/MAX Elite agent.

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5. LICENSED PROFESSIONAL:  Again, it’s a fact, you are not a licensed professional. Selling a home is way more complicated than just putting a for sale sign on your lawn or advertising it on the internet. There’s a myriad of information that could easily be overlooked, making the process more costly than it needs to be.

RE/MAX Elite agents take pride in being leaders of the industry and makes it their way of living to sift through the details of the transaction that are crucial to your success. To put it simply, they eat offers and counter offers for breakfast.

Those are solid, concrete facts backed by reliable statistical data. Facts don’t bend. #realtalk


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