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5 Edmonton Neighborhoods: Top or Not?

Apparently, some people have started coming out with lists such as “Top Neighborhoods” and “Best Places” to live in Edmonton. Like you, I was curious to know the main reasons why the neighborhoods are considered what they are. I took the time to collate all the relevant information to bring you this brief summary report.  

As I have mentioned in my previous articles, buying real estate is one of the biggest investments you would ever do in your life so having ample amount of information about the property is very important. Do not take everything you see on TV or read on newspapers at face value as most of them are just hype.

The list below will provide you with a glimpse of the status of the neighborhoods to which I hope would add to the sum of your current personal knowledge about these particular places.

Do share your thoughts and opinions at our comment section below.

Strathcona Edmonton Real Estate
Population: 92, 403 as of 2012
Note: 65, 465 reside in Sherwood Park
Main Industry: Petrochemical, chemical, oil and gas

I dug into the Strathcona County facts and stats files (yes, I did that) and found that in 2014, MoneySense magazine ranked the county number 3 for “Best Overall Place to Live in Canada” and number 2 as “Best Small Sized City to Live in Canada”. That’s impressive. It’s also reported that average household net worth in Strathcona is pegged at $716,333.

In regards to businesses, the county have over 1,000 Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce members and it is currently the third largest business chamber in Alberta. Home to 57% of refining in Western Canada, it is a founding member of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland.

Westmount Edmonton Real Estate
Population: 5, 900 as of 2012
Land Area: 1.86 km2
Main Industry: Retail, food beverage

It is a mature neighborhood originally developed in the 1910’s. Great classic homes are still located in this place evidenced by the Westmount Architectural Heritage Area. In recent years, a number of apartments, mixed-use developments and condominiums have been constructed at the famous 124 Street, a major shopping destinations for locals.

Westmount Edmonton MLS
A fun fact, Westmount is home to the first shopping mall in Edmonton. The establishment was called Westmount Shoppers’ Park which opened in 1955, it’s now known as Westmount Centre.

Oliver Edmonton MLS Listing
Population: 18, 580 as of 2012
Land Area: 1.72 km2
Main Industry: Rental properties due to its proximity Downtown

Originally known as “West End”, this inner city neighborhood was renamed Oliver after Frank Oliver a prominent resident of the area. Tree lined boulevards and a fashionable residential section is located at the southern and western portions while the Grandin LRT Station is strategically placed at the southeastern side of the neighborhood.

In 2005, it was reported that the prevailing type of residence, about 66%, are high-rise apartment style condominium buildings and rented apartments.

garneau edmonton real estate
Population: 9, 648 as of 2012
Land Area: 0.83 km2
Main Industry: Rental properties

This neighborhood was originally part of Strathcona, prior to 1912. The residential makeup of the neighborhood dramatically changed because of the continuous development of the Whyte Avenue commercial area and expansion of the University of Alberta.

It’s one of the most desirable places in Edmonton for rental and retail businesses because of it is a highly dense residential area situated on a primary passageway.

For young professionals who are health conscious, the Edmonton Journal reported in 31 August article that 32% of the residents in Garneau prefer to walk to get to work. It’s great not just for the body but also for the environment.

downtown edmonton real estate
Population: 12, 199 as of 2012
Land Area: 2.28 km2
Financial center of the city

Recognized as the heart of the city, this is basically where the art centers, government offices, heritage buildings, Edmonton’s tallest office towers and major retail outlets are located.

As for the residential part, there’s the famous Warehouse District. Taken from its name, these are warehouses that were redeveloped into loft type units.

Given the increasing number of residents in Edmonton, there’s one important thing to consider if you are thinking of moving in to Downtown: population density. If you prefer the city noise and the crowd, then this is the right place to be.

As I see it, the titles “Top” or “Best” neighborhoods are most of the time a personal preference, although we may create certain standards to rank one against the other, for the most part it’s really about the personal experience of the individual person.

The fact is Edmonton as a whole is made of other great neighborhoods that are not included in this list. Tons of resources are available on the internet, it would just be up to you to separate trash from treasure.

Given that you don’t have time and patience to sift through the piles of information, Team Leading Edge, one Edmonton’s most competent team of Realtors would be very much willing to help and assist you in figuring out which neighborhood is perfect for you.

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