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We know, we know, organizing all the clutter inside the home is always a struggle; it’s a herculean task for us mere mortals. Because of this nagging problem, Team Leading Edge has “organized” a list of suggestions to make your life easier.

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1. PAPERS: No matter how we want our lives to be paperless, some bills, notes and other documents are stubbornly stuck to being written on paper. In order for it to neatly organised on your walls, you can use clipboards. 

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2. CORDS: We also have pesky cords dangling everywhere in our homes and office. Solution? Utilize binder-clips hold there ends in place on the table.

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3. LADDER: Did you know that you could use your ladder as a makeshift bookshelf?

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4. SUITCASES: Want something creative to do with your old suitcases? You can use it as a coffee table, nightstand or even a medicine cabinet!

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5. CORNER SHELF: Recycle your old magazine holder by using at as a corner shelf! Install it in your corner wall and you’re all done!

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Lighten up! These 5 organizing suggestions is easy and fun to do! Make you Edmonton home efficient and clean, that’s how you’ll preserve and even increase it’s value overtime.

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