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Touring an Edmonton home is part of the everyday life of an Edmonton real estate agent. This gives them an advantage over other agents and it’s an important activity where one can gain knowledge of what can attract potential Edmonton homebuyers and what actions to take when their Edmonton seller client wants to host an open house.

Here to help are 4 turnoffs that an Edmonton home seller should avoid.

Edmonton Home Pets

In this time and age pets are a conventional part of a family. Be that as it may, no potential Edmonton homebuyer wants to see a litter box by the kitchen or a chew toy lying around in the living room. When your Edmonton property is listed on the market, no one needs to know that the owner has pets. Those potential Edmonton homebuyers who are susceptible to furry pets can trigger their allergy which can lead to a turnoff with the Edmonton property.

When you have scheduled for a tour of your Edmonton property then have an arrangement set up to keep your pets out of sight and the place sparkly clean with no pet smell lingering.

Cluttered Kitchen

A selling point of an Edmonton house is the kitchen. People are invested in kitchens because for some they consider it as the heart of the Edmonton home.

Show the space of your kitchen by clearing the counter space; arrange your blender, coffee maker and other items in a neat and orderly fashion. This will show that there is still room for more things which can be added by the potential Edmonton homebuyer. Also, remember to clean any dishes in the sink you show your Edmonton property.

Bathroom Disaster

Edmonton home buyers need to feel the cleanliness of the bathroom, give them the impression that they will be the first ones to use the bathroom of your Edmonton home. Clean any toothpaste remnant off the sink and tidy up any personal bathroom paraphernalia that you use.

Know that a clean bathroom reflects in a good vibe the owner of the Edmonton property.

Forgotten Toilet

Never forget to clean the toilet because a dirty toilet can be a major turnoff even if everything else with the Edmonton house is perfect. 

The last thing anybody wants to see is a filthy toilet, so ensure that the bathroom especially the toilet is sparkly clean.

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