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3 Renos To Ruin Your Edmonton Homes Resale Price

 Homes For Sale Edmonton

In this trying economic times, Edmontonians should use all available ways and options to conserve, preserve and increase their wealth, especially in the real estate side of the business. This Wednesday, we feature 3 ways to just do the opposite, 3 ways destroy the intrinsic value of your Edmonton home.

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Homes For Sale Edmonton

Edmonton Homes For Sale are experiencing stricter competition than compared to last year, so knowing how to to ruin the resale price or value of your Edmonton home will, (we hope), help you avoid it.

Let’s begin.

  1. GARAGE RENO. Let’s start with the garage. One great way to ruin the resale price of your Edmonton home is to convert your garage into a room. Sure, it will “add” more living space in the overall structure of the home but, in the climate that the city of Edmonton have (snow and rain anyone?), having a garage is more valuable than an extra room.

Just think of it this way, 1 converted garage will be tantamount to a deduction in the zeroes of your check.

  1. REMOVING A BEDROOM. You might find this surprising, but removing a bedroom, combining 2 bedrooms or converting an extra room into a closet is a terrible idea and will surely help in depreciating the resale value of your Edmonton home.

It’s okay to do it if you will not ever sell your home, but if selling is part of your future plan, then getting rid of a bedroom will help expedite the depreciation of your home.

  1. OVER PERSONALIZATION. Whoa! Stop it! We can explain this in a single sentence.

If you over personalize your home or make it too specific to your taste, then it will not be attractive to the broader market AND YOU WILL WANT TO ATTRACT THE BROADER MARKET.

Those are the 3 easiest ways to ruin the financial future of your Edmonton home. If you can avoid all of it, then you can sleep calmly tonight.

Here’s a little secret, once you’re ready to sell, dial 780-634-8151 and Team Leading Edge will be ready to help you sell your Edmonton home at the best price and with the shortest amount of time.


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