February 2016

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Edmonton real estate market update feb 18 - 25 2016

This past week's stats:

New Listings: 373
Average List Price: $322,534
Average Sale Price: $312,992Average Sale Price / Sq Ft: $300.08
Average Days on Market: 39
Total Sales: 50

I finally found time to plot the data that we have gathered and I've started from the week covering November 27 to December 4 2015. This will give us a good starting point for our market observations. 

Note: Remember, you can access all our available Homes For Sale in Edmonton through our Edmonton MLS Listings page.

Homes For Sale Edmonton


Edmonton Real Estate New Listings 2016


Edmonton Real Estate Average List Price 2016AVERAGE SALE PRICE

Edmonton Real Estate Average Sale Price 2016


Edmonton Real Estate Average Sale Price Sq Ft 2016


Edmonton Real Estate Days on Market 2016


Edmonton Real Estate Total Sales 2016

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These two deserves all the recognition for their hard work and dedication. 

Team Leading Edge is proud of JP Dumlao and Serge Bourgoin for their accomplishments. These duo, together with the rest of the team, worked day and night to provide  outstanding real estate service to the residents of Edmonton. 

The awards and recognition that Team Leading Edge received provide concrete evidence of how dedicated they are in becoming the Edmonton's top real estate specialists. So, if you have an Edmonton home that you would like to sell or have been dreaming of finally buying that Edmonton dream house, Team Leading Edge is here to help you.

Start your journey today. Dial 780-634-8151 and talk to the team.

Edmonton Realtors

Remember, you can access all our

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Walker Edmonton Homes For Sale

We made it! Our first neighborhood to feature in this segment is straight from the South East!  Yes, it’s Walker!

Bounded by Ellerslie Road, 66 Street and 50 street, this new neighborhood was formerly used as agricultural land.  Farmhouses and residential lots are located along 50 and 60 streets.

See map below:

According to the Walker Neighborhood Structure Plan (NSP), it: 

seeks to establish a vibrant and sustainable community in southeast Edmonton through the articulated integration of land uses and their connection with one another.

Walker Edmonton Real Estate

This neighbourhood does not contain any active gas or oil wells based from the information provided by the Alberta Energy & Utilities Board (AEUB) so the neighborhoods resources are geared

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The week covering February 11 to 18 made a tough stand against the weakening economy. 

Below is a quick recap of last week's market stats (Feb 4 - 11). 

Average Listings: 309
Average List Price: $341,964
Average Sale Price: $331,250
Average Sale Price / Sq Ft: $287.92
Average Days on Market: 54
Total sales: 95

edmonton real estate market feb 4 - 11 2016

This week's figures:  

Average Listings: 317
Average List Price: $331,498
Average Sale Price: $323,097
Average Sale Price / Sq Ft: $275.89
Average Days on Market: 42
Total sales: 83

New Listings grew 2.58% Week-On-Week while Average List Price fell -3%. We can expect to see these kind of minuscule price swings on the weeks to come as the country suffers from the world oil crisis. 

Edmonton real estate market update 2016

Average Sale Price slid -2.46% to $323,097 this week

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Edmonton Neighborhood Watch 2016

Yes, yes, that’s the best catchy title we can think of.

We’re officially launching our neighborhood watch segment. This is where Team Leading Edge will feature Edmonton neighborhoods and discuss specific data, news and facts related to the neighborhood/s.

It’s one good way to get to know Edmonton from the bottom up or to refresh your memories of the different neighborhoods that make up this great city.

Our website breaks down the neighborhoods and surrounding communities into 4 segments, which in turn consist of 31 subdivisions.

Below is the list of Edmonton Neighborhoods & Surrounding Communities










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Edmonton Homes For Sale

The past week’s market update has shown that Edmonton home prices have recovered and entered green arrow territory.

 Edmonton home market update feb 4 - 11

Despite this recovery, some Edmontonians are still having a hard time selling their home... and since you’re reading this, we can assume that you’re having a tough time as well. Worry not, this Tuesday, Team Leading Edge will discuss some of the factors that might be contributing to your on-going “failure”.

PRICE: We begin with the most obvious and important. The selling price of your property will determine the amount of time it will spend on the Edmonton MLS.

It’s important for you to price your Edmonton home OBJECTIVELY and not by greed. Because most Edmontonians share a history with their home, they sometimes price it

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Edmonton real estate specialistIt is with great pleasure for Team Leading Edge to have our newest associate Andy Huynh to join our wonderful and close-knit family.  Andy comes with many years of experience in the customer service and sales industry where we feel are imperative skill sets and an asset to have in a competitive industry such as real estate.  

We anticipate that our team will greatly strengthen with the addition of having Andy because our team is diverse and our talents are unique.  With Andy’s innovative thinking and creative mindset, we are confident that this synergy between team members will not only push the envelope in all fronts of real estate but also to bring exceptional value and unique experiences to our clients who chooses to do business with us.  Please

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 Edmonton Homes For Sale 2016

Ever wanted to make your backyard feel like an oasis or a tropical resort? In this article, we try to move out of the dire topics such as the Canadian economy and focus more on the lighter side of things.

Homes For Sale Edmonton

Consider this a preparation for the coming summer.


Ever heard of interlocking pavers?

Edmonton Homes For Sale Pavement

This seemingly simple item can add long lasting charm to your backyard. The market is filled with a wide array of elegant designs so you will surely enjoy the freedom of customization.

Edmonton MLS Listings Pavement

You can install these in your patios, driveways and even walkways to provided that much needed touch of personality to an otherwise dull and boring yard.

Edmonton Real Estate Pavement


Adding a water feature in your yard will create eye-catching focal points

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New CMHC Guidelines Requiring a larger down payment go into effect February 15th.

If you’ve been following the mortgage news over the 2015 year, you would notice a trend… CMHC warning of overvaluation of homes in regions of Canada.

Of those regions, it was no surprise the two largest metropolitan cities Vancouver and Toronto were on that list. The concern is regarding the smaller cities such as Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Regina, Montreal and Ottawa. Of the two Albertan cities, Edmonton and Calgary has also landed on that list. So, our housing market had lead the government to take action.

Early December last year Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced changes to the rules for CMHC insured mortgage. Coming to effect February 15, 2016,

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Selling and buying an Edmonton home simultaneously is a tough act to pull off. If you're in this exact same situation, trying to sell your home in order to buy a new one, then we have the perfect piece for you.

Today, we’ll discuss a few ways to prepare yourself for this endeavor.


Like any other worthwhile endeavor, simultaneously selling and buying consumes a lot of time. Based from our EDMONTON REAL ESTATE MARKET WEEKLY UPDATE, the weeks covering Jan 21 to Feb 4 2016 showed Average Days of Edmonton homes on Market reached a high of 53. That’s almost 2 months! That’s the most likely amount of time it would take to sell your home.

You can read the complete report here: Edmonton Real Estate Market Weekly Update: Jan 21 to Feb 4

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