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2015 Edmonton Investment: Real Estate | Here’s Why

2015 Edmonton Investment: Real Estate | Here’s Why

Lately, the great city of Edmonton have been rocked by the world oil crisis. The real estate industry in particular experienced a decline by 17.5% in home sales in February as compared to the same period last year. You can view the complete report here:

STATS: Where Edmonton Home Sellers Stand This Q1 2015

Even in this not so ideal climate, investing in real estate can prove to be one of the best options to take.

Here’s a few pointers to show you just how valuable it is more than your other assets.

  1. MORE VALUE FOR THE DOLLAR: Investing in real estate have proven time and time again that it brings money to the table more than any type of asset in the short and long-term. Billionaires like Donald Trump have invested majority of their capital into real estate! So why don’t you?

People are making a killing off flipping houses and long-term investors are smiling to the bank because of their rental houses. It’s passive income right off the bat! What’s not to love?

  1. NO TIME OR GEOGRAPHICAL LIMITATIONS: Picture this. You can buy a rental property in Edmonton and wait for the money to come while you’re off to Boracay Island in the Philippines sipping coco juice this April.

Unlike trading equities, commodities, futures, options or forex, real estate properties are one of the most stable forms of investments that you could solely own. You could basically place it in the risk-factor chart next to government bonds (just not Greece-that’s just bad) and treasury notes.

  1. SECURITY FUND: This might be one of the least popular reasons. I could even bet this is the first time you’ve read of it, but it’s true, people all around the world use real estate investments as a form of security fund to supplement or enhance their retirement funds.

Rental properties, REITS and that extra house in the Walker neighborhood might just be what you need when the hard times hit 10-20 years from now.

  1. UNLIMITED GUIDES: In this age of the internet, you could easily find out how much the current rental rate is in what neighborhood or what tax exemptions are in a particular city, all under 5 minutes! (Okay, depending on your internet connection of course).

The abundance of resources is overwhelming! And there are plenty of real estate agents, brokers and advisers who are willing to lend a helping hand in whatever concern you have.

I need not to write a 100-page article just to point out all the benefits you would have if you invest in real estate, this 4 major points, as I believe, would suffice. For a list of all the available Edmonton real estate investments, visit our new and improved Edmonton MLS listings to access properties for sale in and around the city.


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