April 2015

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2015 RE/MAX Canada Report

RE/MAX Canada recently published published it's 2015 SPRING MARKET TRENDS REPORT and we got our hands on the early copy and we thought of sharing it with you! 

The report tackles crucial data such as Average Residential Sale Price in the condo and upper-end markets. We believe these data set are crucial in helping you gauge the probability of striking a great housing deal. If you're thinking of buying a home in Edmonton this 2015, then all the more makes this report very important.

An excerpt from the report: "As RE/MAX commented in December 2014, oil price volatility takes considerable time to show effect in house pricing. Calgary posted a modest first quarter 2 per cent decline in average residential sale price compared to the same quarter

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Edmonton Homes For Sale

I’ll start with the obvious, we here at Team Leading Edge is in the business to sell Edmonton homes. It is the core of our professional being.

For most Edmontonians, buying and owning a home is mainly due to financial reasons--or in other words, as an investment. Buy now, live on it for a couple of years then sell it later… or to that effect.

It’s always fun to learn that other Edmontonians buy homes for non-financial reasons. Today, we’d like to share with you 4 alternative reasons why Edmontontians buy homes.


As opposed to renting out, owning provides Edmontonians with more space for family to live in. People in the city of Edmonton cherish privacy so owning a piece of space that

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SPRING in Edmonton means a big headache to many of Edmonton’s residents. Basement flooding.

There are a few steps you can take to avoid a basement renovation taking priority on your list of things to do. Checking your sump. Making sure no lines are frozen. However, how do you make an informed decision BEFORE you buy? A super cool interactive map is how! This neat map shows the areas most prone to flooding and even deemed to be a flood risk – so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

The clever “Flood Plain Map” shows the chances of being flooded out by streams, lakes and – of course – our North Saskatchewan River. You can check by Address or Legal Description. 

Be sure to check out the newest homes for sale in Edmonton through our new

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Edmonton Homes For Sale

This particular article caught our attention so we thought of sharing it to you this Monday morning.

What better way to start the week than to learn how to make more money!

The content originally appeared on 52properties.com entitled "52 Ways to Make Money in Real Estate #19 will make you rich!".
It is full of insight into how you can turn a dull piece of property into a money making machine, which is exactly what we all need in this economy.

We skip straight to the juicy part and learn the secrets of the trade. Enjoy and may you have more money and success in the future!

Note: Access homes for sale, foreclosures and real estate investment opportunities in the city of Edmonton through our new and improved Edmonton MLS Listings.

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    Edmonton Rental Properties

    If you’re a new rental investor or just have bought one of our investment properties then you’re on the right track to earning more money this year.

    (If you haven’t still, check out all the available Edmonton rental properties for sale on our new and improved Edmonton MLS Listings, updated daily for your convenience.)

    We’ve summed up 3 fundamental things to help you get new tenants for the best rental price. These are the core things that you need to remember. Since its Sunday, we didn’t go in-depth. The intention of this article is to be light and easy to read.

    Learn and enjoy your new investment!

    MANAGE THE EXTERIOR: Let’s start from the outside. Assess your property’s windows, doors, landscaping and walkways. The first that your

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    Edmonton Homes For sale

    Believe us when we say getting the right fair market value for your home is no easy task. Although there are tons of new web and mobile apps that “promote” to value your home within a few clicks and swipes, the truth is these are just pure none sense.

    Would you really rely on a piece of software that just pulls out dated data off the internet? We hope not!

    Determining the real value of your Edmonton property is best done with the help of professionals. The people that works in the real estate industry, day-in and day-out. The “human” value in real estate cannot (as of this moment in time) be replaced by mere algorithms.

    Work smart by working with the Realtors that specialize in your neighborhood. For example, Team Leading Edge Realtors

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    Edmonton Homes For Sale

    Are you looking to view several Edmonton open houses this weekend? If so, then you are not alone. Spring is the time where most homebuyers like you tend to be active in viewing home for sale in the neighborhood.

    Today, we at Team Leading Edge decided to help you prepare for the adventure that lies ahead. Maximize your time and productivity with these crucial checklist when checking out Edmonton open houses.

    Let’s start with the most obvious.

    ü  WEAR YOUR MOST COMFORTABLE OUTFIT: As obvious as this may seem, many Edmontonians still make this mistake. Ladies, please make sure you wear your flats instead of high-heels. You’ll need to walk around the outside of the property to check the front and backyard. You may also need to stroll around the

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    Are you looking to settle in the beautiful neighborhood of Windermere?

    This is definitely your lucky day! This newly listed 3 bedrooms, 3 baths home located in 444 Windermere Road, Edmonton is now listed for $749,900

    Take a quick tour of the house through these GIF's that we've made, specially for you!

    We start off with the bedrooms...


    Then we head to the stairs and living area...

    Finally, here's the rest of the house

    Beautiful, right? we thought so too! Check the complete details here.

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    Edmonton Homes For Sale

    When buying an Edmonton house, the walk through is one of the most important (and final) step. It’s the time where you do your final ocular inspection to make sure everything is in order before closing the deal.

    Its crunch time for you and the seller to formally close the sale, if you want something fixed or replaced this is the last chance for you to request for it.

    Since this is really the soul of the buying process, we’ve made a basic punch list for you in order to help you facilitate this more effectively.


    1. Double check the home’s exterior to make sure that all fixtures, structures and landscaping are still in place AS AGREED UPON IN THE CONTRACT.
    2. Check the interior of shed’s to make sure that all the unnecessary
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    Here's a beauty. Freshly listed home for sale at 1257 Cunningham Dr, Edmonton.

    2,247 sq ft of luxury for only $539,900.

    Edmonton Homes For Sale

    Its 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths would satisfy your craving for a perfect home.

    Call the Team Leading Edge now to view, 780.634.8151

    Check out the complete MLS listing information here.

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