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Toronto cold wave
Ecofriendly or “green homes” as they call it is the way to the future. Our generation is feeling the brunt of global warming. Just recently, North America and Canada encountered the cold wave, with Toronto experiencing the second coldest winter in 25 years. I don’t know where you were at that time but I would assume it was hell for most of the people in Canada. It’s time for us to do our own little share in solving global warming.

Leonardo DiCarpio UN Climate change talk

Leonardo DiCaprio took a swipe at global warming in his 23 September speech at the UN. In some ways, it was a good move to put this climate crisis in the minds and hearts of the people.

We at Team Leading Edge have always been pro-clean energy. As real estate professionals, we try to do our best to educate and spread the

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Almost everybody is taking shots at the recent iPhone flop. The most ingeniously hilarious one I saw was that of Kit Kat.

mls listing edmonton

Okay, so what has this got to do with your RE/MAX Elite Realtor? Good question. While I was enjoying browsing through the news, Serge, as usual sent me great materials that got me thinking about the importance of a brand, in this case the RE/MAX Elite Realtor brand, and the service and promise behind that brand that makes it indispensable.

You see, the #bendgate issue isn’t just about aesthetics and poor phone material, it goes deeper than that. It is the epitome of failure and disregard to uphold public trust.

I’d like to make this piece a refresher to those people who already worked with RE/MAX Elite Realtors and an important

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Apparently, some people have started coming out with lists such as “Top Neighborhoods” and “Best Places” to live in Edmonton. Like you, I was curious to know the main reasons why the neighborhoods are considered what they are. I took the time to collate all the relevant information to bring you this brief summary report.  

As I have mentioned in my previous articles, buying real estate is one of the biggest investments you would ever do in your life so having ample amount of information about the property is very important. Do not take everything you see on TV or read on newspapers at face value as most of them are just hype.

The list below will provide you with a glimpse of the status of the neighborhoods to which I hope would add to the sum of your

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As Edmonton and the greater Alberta area experience growth, the number of residents owning a home increase as well. At this moment in time, we are seeing a very competitive mortgage environment, more and more people have started taking advantage of the situation and are now on the process of becoming home owners.

Since you’re reading this article, I can safely assume you are one or will be one of the people to take advantage of this great time. Kudos to you! Below are 5 easy steps to boost your mortgage chances for you to finally buy your Edmonton dream home.

5 Easy Steps To Boost Your Mortgage Chances

  1. PREAPPROVAL EXERCISE: This would be the most obvious place to start. It is of high importance to get preapproved by your bank before you start looking for your dream home.
    An overall awareness
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Statistics is a key component of our modern day civilized lives. Understanding the rationale behind relevant figures is of great importance to all individuals who would like to make informed decisions, specially when it comes to investments. Crunching numbers, analyzing it and coming up with a decisive conclusion could and would sometimes be a daunting task. Not everybody have the patience or is gifted in this field.

With that in mind, I wanted to provide you with valuable statistical information without its corresponding headache. The best way to present key figures is through a rich and engaging visual. Infographic is currently  one of the best ways to accomplish such task. Below you will find essential information that could help you understand the

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There is always something fascinating about wealthy people-in a scientific sense, specifically in psychology. Wherever we are in the world, the wealthy always takes on two opposite point of views in the eyes of the public; either they are admired for their wealth or despised because of it, think of the occupy Wall Street movement. The study on the influence that they have in the psychological being of the people around them, whether good or bad, is always a delight for me. Some of the wealthy inspire people in so many distinct ways like Warren Buffet and Richard Branson, whilst others provoke our moral thoughts like Jordan Belfort, the infamous Wolf of Wallstreet.

Since I am basically in the business of real estate, I was curious to know what the homes of

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Edmonton MLS Listing

Ever wanted to live in Edmonton's south? then this is your lucky day - very lucky day for that matter! Today in our LISTING OF THE WEEK we feature a 2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom carriage home located in # 108 10404 24 AV, Ermineski. Considered to be a great location since its situated just 5 blocks from Century Park LRT station and with very convenient access to Calgary Trail and South Edmonton Common.

Ermineski Facade Home for sale in Edmonton

New vinyl windows and doors have been installed and both bathrooms have been renovated with new vanities, lights and flooring. Proving that this will give a bang for your buck is the inviting living room that welcomes all visitors, accentuated by the fireplace and patio door that leads to the balcony. A convenient in suite laundry is also provided topped

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Edmonton For Sale Real Estate

Guess what's happening in Rundle Heights today...

Yes! You guessed it! New 5 bedroom house just got listed in the market for $369,000369,000369,00369,000!

Okay, I'm using too much exclamation point, I can't lower down the excitement. Here's your chance to beat the crowd and own this beautiful house.

Browse through the album below to get a glimpse of your next home.

Set a schedule date to view the property. Call the team now at 780-634-8151.

View details here

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Here at Team Leading Edge we try to help our clients and partners not only in finding great homes but also providing valuable home improvement tips and information. This week Jake, our Internet and Social Media Marketing Director, made a list of Home Office Design Ideas. Yes, he combed the internet searching for those inspirational designs-and yes he succeeded. With the advent of technology, more and more people have started working from home, dedicating 8-10 hours of work inside their cozy houses, even Realtors have home offices to work in for those long busy days writing offers.

Read the full article here.

Home Office Design Ideas

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